Save-A-Label Legal Guidelines


  1. Save only the UPC symbol from Best Choice products. Cut the UPC symbol from labels or cartons. For glass items with a glued label, the labels can be removed by first soaking in warm water. Sample UPC symbol:UPC Sample


  1. Some products are excluded from the Best Choice Save-A-Label Program: aluminum soda cans (UPCs from 12-pk. & 24-pk. soda cardboard cartons are acceptable), aerosol cans, cigarettes. Groups in Missouri may not submit UPCs for fluid milk due to the Missouri Milk Law.


Missouri Milk Law excludes these UPCs:

Best Choice Gallon Whole Milk 70038-36439

Best Choice Gallon 2% Milk 70038-36440

Best Choice 1/2-Gallon Whole Milk 70038-36442

Best Choice 1/2-Gallon 2% Milk 70038-36443

Best Choice Gallon Skim Milk 70038-36447

Best Choice 1/2 Gallon Skim Milk 70038-58485

Best Choice Gallon 1% Milk 70038-36446

Best Choice 1/2-Gallon 1% Milk 70038-58486



  1. All UPC symbols must be wrapped in bundles of 1,000. More than one bundle of UPCs may be redeemed at one time. Bundles of less than 1,000 will not be honored.


  1. Bonus Label Certificates are valid only when redeemed with at least 1,000 UPCs. Groups may redeem only one Bonus Label Certificate per year.


  1. To redeem your collection: Fill out a redemption form to send with your Best Choice UPCs. If you do not have a redemption form, simply print your group’s name, address and total number of labels on an index card or piece of paper. Please make sure your package is wrapped securely. You may want to select a method of mailing which provides you receipt of delivery, such as Certified Mail. Neither Best Choice Save-A-Label, nor its affiliates, shall be responsible for UPCs not received by Best Choice Save-A-Label, at the address herein, nor will redemptions thereof be honored. Mail your package to:





  1. Please allow at least six weeks for your redemption to be processed and the check returned to you. Checks and Bonus Label Certificates will be issued to a group name only. UPC quantities are subject to verification by Best Choice Save-A-Label.


  1. Any questions or inquiries should be referred to: BEST CHOICE SAVE-A-LABEL at 913-288-1165 or



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