Nutritionist Corner: Picking the Perfect Melon


One of my favorite fruits is watermelon, and late summer is the perfect time to pick one up. With watermelon season also comes cantaloupe and honey dew melons. The high water and electrolyte content in each of these fruits makes them a great food to have on a hot day. When shopping for melons look for fruit that is somewhat firm and symmetrical without soft spots or bruising. Melons should have a sweet smell, and if purchasing a cut melon look for flesh that is bright in color. Melons can ripen on your kitchen counter at room temp for a few days. Once the fruit is cut or chopped store it in an air tight container, in the refrigerator, for up to three days.

Melons are a naturally sweet low calorie food. A wedge of any variety of melon offers a rich source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Fresh or frozen melon pieces offer an excellent alternative to sugary desserts. The juicy sweetness and refreshing nature of melon make it a perfect summer and early fall selection.

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