Heart Healthy Valentine’s Dinner Ideas


Valentine's Dinner for Two Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a time to show off your best culinary skills because the way to the heart is often through delicious food. Savor your Valentine’s dinner for two or more at home by setting the table and using your most elegant dishes. Try serving succulent seafood, indulgent steak, or comforting pasta. By preparing your meal at home, you can add more nutrients and heart-healthy love to your entree. Love will be in the air from the aroma coming from the meal ideas below.


  • For the seafood lover, try seasoned halibut over a bed of creamy cauliflower rice. Shrimp scampi is also a refreshing pairing with roasted broccoli. If you want a cost-effective seafood meal, baked cod over roasted spaghetti squash is delightful.
  • Impress your sweetheart with a succulent steak meal. A pan-seared sirloin with fresh green beans and mashed golden potatoes is surprisingly easy to prepare. A filet mignon with brown butter and sautéed asparagus can be made in one cast iron pan. By cooking meat and vegetables in one pan, the flavors will be richer.
  • Create a wholesome and flavorful pasta dish. Noodle recipes pair well with various roasted vegetables and lean proteins such as shrimp or chicken. Pasta can be combined in a comforting cream sauce, a vibrant pesto, or a roasted tomato Bolognese. Most pasta dishes can be made vegetarian or vegan.
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