Grilling Fish


The lingering smell of cooking on the grill is one of my favorite signs of summer. There is a classic lineup of foods that we consider grill items. Hamburgers, hotdogs, steak and brats belong on any grill during the summer months. Another delicious and nutritious item for the grill is seafood. However, fish can scare off the novice grill master because of its tendency to stick to the grates or overcook. Here are some tips to avoid both of these common issues.


  1. Make sure your grill is clean and well oiled before you begin. Clean off the grill grates with a wire brush before and after cooking fish. Before starting your grill brush the grates with olive oil using a rag dipped in oil to ensure that its well coated.
  2. The best cuts of fish for the grill are a 1 inch thick piece of salmon, arctic char, swordfish or halibut. Large shrimp (or prawns) go great on the grill as well, smaller shrimp can also be placed on a kebab stick and grilled. This will prevent the smaller shrimp from falling in between the grates. Some fish like flounder and tilapia may be to thin to place directly on the grill, so place them in a greased foil basket.
  3. Since fish is more delicate than your typical grill meat its best to grill the fish first then brush on your marinade. The flesh can break down and possibly fall apart if marinated first. A post grill marinade will keep the texture intact and still deliver loads of flavor.
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