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Happy 2016! Each month of this New Year, our organic food manager, Jennifer, who is also a dietitian will be writing a monthly newsletter with tips and advice to help you live a healthy life. Jennifer has been working as a registered dietitian for 17 years, so we’re excited for her to share her knowledge with you!

The New Year is a time to think about beginning new habits that will lead to a healthier life. Start with small changes that can make a big impact to your health and wellbeing. Learning healthy habits that will be a lifelong routine is the best way to improve your health, and stick with your plans and goals.

Most people want to be healthy, but have you ever though about the benefits of good health? Eating right and regular exercise can help you lose then maintain your weight, improves your mood, prevents some chronic health conditions and improves your energy level.

So how can that impact your life? Getting to your normal weight range can ease joint pain, making it easier to walk and move about. Having more energy can give you a boost to take time to play with your kids or grandkids. Start small and keep your goals in mind – health is a lifestyle not a temporary fix!

Getting healthy does not have to be boring and dull, so make if fun and exciting. Try new foods, grab a friend and try a new workout class, or make your dog happy with an evening walk. Here are a few more healthy habits to think about adding to your routine:

  • Eating healthier:
    • Start with a smaller plate so you eat less.
    • Eat a fruit or veggie with each meal or snack.
    • Replace high calorie drinks (sweet tea, soda and energy drinks) with low calorie or no-calorie drinks; water is best!

  • Get moving:
    • Just increasing your physical activity can show some benefits. Going to the gym is not the only way to exercise.
    • Take the stairs.
    • Park in the back of the lot.
    • Do toe raises or squats as you do dishes.
    • Do sit-ups during TV commercials
    • Take your friend, spouse, kids or pets for a walk.

Being healthy is not just about food and exercise, also take time for yourself to lower stress and build solid relationships with your friends and family!

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