Nutritionist Corner: Egg Month


In honor of National Egg Month I thought I’d share my favorite way to cook up an egg! I learned this technique from my mother-in-law. My husband is a classic eggs for breakfast guy, so I quickly grew to love this cooking method because it’s a simple way to fry an egg and have it turn out perfect almost every time.

1 egg
Frying pan
Cooking spray, butter OR oil
Lid for the frying pan or a plate that can cover your pan

Coat your fry pan with cooking spray or a thin layer of oil/butter. Turn stove top to high and let pan heat up, about 30-45 seconds. Crack your egg into the middle of the pan. Turn heat to medium-high and let cook until most of the egg white has solidified. Pour a small amount of water into the pan, ensuring the water has touched each edge of the egg. Cover pan, let egg steam until desired doneness is achieved.

My absolute favorite way to serve this kind of egg is on an open faced sandwich. I toast whole grain bread from my local bakery, spread a little hummus on the toast, top with my fried egg, 3 slices of avocado and a drizzle of sriracha!

photo 2[1] photo 3
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