AWG Announces Redesign of Clearly Organic Packaging


AWG Announces Updated Clearly Organic® Packaging and Product Line

The Associated Wholesale Grocers brand has a new look and new products.


Kansas City, MO – April 28, 2013 – Associated Wholesale Grocers today announces the updated package design for their Clearly Organic® brand food products. Up to forty existing and new Clearly Organic® products have been released. Over the next six months, 150 new products will be added to the Clearly Organic® line.


In a concerted effort to offer customers affordable organic products, AWG and Valu Merchandisers Company are allocating more resources to the rapidly growing organic food market. Clearly Organic® offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Clearly Organic® is excited to offer consumers even more healthy, affordable choices in the coming months. The Clearly Organic® social media pages will play a big part in announcing these new products. Clearly Organic® recently launched a new website, which includes social media feeds for daily updates on the new Clearly Organic® line.


“We are building the Clearly Organic program to satisfy the organic needs of our members and their customers,” explained Greg Oldright, VMC Executive Director. “Within the next 12-18 months, the Clearly Organic label will be represented throughout the grocery and perishable departments. This comprehensive organic offering will position our members to be competitive and profitable in their market areas.”


From a design perspective, the clean look of the new packaging reflects the clean products within. The color choices are those found in nature, which best echo the Clearly Organic® line. One look at the new packaging and consumers will know: this is Clearly Organic®.


About Associated Wholesale Grocers, Valu Merchandisers Company, Clearly Organic®

Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) is one of the largest grocery wholesalers in the United States. Founded in 1924, AWG is the nation’s oldest grocery cooperative. Valu Merchandisers Company is a subsidiary of AWG with the goal to provide retailers with the best variety of quality merchandise at the lowest possible price. AWG’s Clearly Organic® brand of products are developed with customer satisfaction in mind. For more information, visit


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