6 Different Ways to Use Granola


6 Ways to Use Granola

Many people use granola as a breakfast food. It goes great atop yogurt or served with milk like cereal, but there are bountiful different ways to enjoy granola. Here are 6 unique ideas for how to use and cook with granola.

  1. Use granola like breadcrumbs. Sweet or savory granola can make a good chicken tender coating. It can also be added to meatballs, hamburgers or meat loaf as a substitute for breadcrumbs. Some granolas are crunchier than others, so it might be helpful to pulse the granola in a food processor or blender to make it more of a breadcrumb consistency. The extra nutrients in granola make it a beneficial change to add more vitamins and minerals to your foods.
  2. Add crunch and texture to your salad with granola. Instead of processed croutons that often have no nutritional value consider using granola. The nuts, toasty oats and dried fruit in granola provide fiber, protein and potassium. This helps people feel more full and satisfied after a meal.
  3. Make a strudel topping with granola. Most strudel recipes involve oats and brown sugar which are key ingredients in granola, making it an easy trade. A classic sweet granola would compliment any apple or berry crisp.
  4. Mix granola into muffin, pancake, cookie or brownie batter. This will add texture and visual appeal.
  5. Roasted veggies and nutty granola pair beautifully. After roasting green beans, carrots, beets or onions consider topping them with a sprinkle of granola.
  6. Pie crusts can be made with granola. Crushed granola, butter and a little sugar can make the perfect pie crust or base for a cheesecake.Baked Granola
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